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Here I come to save the day…

posted by Brian on 8/02/2005 09:18:39 AM  

FINALLY, I can talk about the coolest input device I've seen in quite a while - Apple's Mighty Mouse.

This is a multi-button mouse done right, folks - from the no-button buttons (it senses pressure on the smooth shell, eliminating the need for separate buttons), to the scroll ball (how obvious an enhancement is that?), to the programmable functions which are possible for each button press (including a simple mode, where each button simple provides a single click).

Oh, and just to show the attention to detail: It does NOT make physical sounds when you click or scroll - it actually has a speaker embedded in the mouse, to provide audible feedback for these actions. Wow.

Check it out. IMHO, this is the mouse by which all others will soon be judged. It doesn't matter that Apple held off on embracing more than one mouse button - because when they finally did, they did it right.
Okay, I'm still made at Steve, but this mouse rocks.

I hope Stevie J knows what he's doing with Intel. I'm feelin kinda woozy...
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