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Duke iPod distribution

posted by Brian on 8/19/2004 11:09:00 PM  1 comments  

Apple recently worked a deal with Duke University, to suppy every one of their 2004 incoming freshmen with a brand-new 20 Gb iPods, preloaded with custom content - see the Duke and ABC News stories on this initiative. The content includes a calendar (orientation details, test schedules, breaks/holidays, etc.), campus contacts (phone numbers, email addresses, and websites for police, the hospital, etc.), and a series of audio files, as well - including a welcome from the University President, an audio tour of the campus, the Duke fight song & alma mater, etc.

I was responsible for creating the custom load of content for the iPods to be populated with at the factory, and as such was offered an opportunity to lend a hand with the distribution of those iPods on campus. I flew out to help with the distribution (as well as perform a bit of Latimerization on the Duke iPod site itself ;-), and also took quite a few pictures during the event. See the photo album I put together contaning some of those shots, as well as the photo album the campus rep, Tom Walther, put together. It really was a great time...


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