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Work on the house & yard

posted by Brian on 5/24/2002 12:00:00 PM  0 comments  

In April of 2002, Brian's parents came out to visit us for about a week. They were wonderful in completely overhauling the landscape, planting new shrubs, flowers, etc., and just generally helping us fix up the house a lot (Thanks, Mom & Dad!). Heck, we were just happy to get the juniper hedge removed from our front yard...

Plus, the week after, we had: A new front door installed, the old gutters ripped down, the house power-washed, the house completely painted, and new gutters installed (Whew!). The place looks completely different now - and that's a Good Thing, in our minds ;-). We have a photo album with some pictures of all the work that was done. We think it's looking great...


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