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posted by Brian on 6/15/2002 11:59:00 PM  0 comments  

We went out with a group of friends to see this improvisational comedy theater, known as "ComedySportz". My manager actually participates fairly often, and each time we've gone, it's been a great time.

Well, you know how when they ask for volunteers, and noone raises their hands? And how they ask again, and still NOONE responds? And how incredibly painful it is to sit through this delay, when absolutely nobody has the courage to actually volunteer to participate?

Yeah, well, it was too painful for me to watch, so I had to do something about it. The results are here ;-)

Incredibly funny show, though - and note all but the confusingly-named "Midnight Show" (at 10:30 PM on Fridays) is appropriate for all ages. I'd defintely recommend the show to everyone - go out, and have a good time there.

Caribbean Cruise!

posted by Brian on 6/3/2002 11:23:57 PM  0 comments  

From May 26th thru June 2nd, we went on a wonderful vacation: A cruise around the Eastern Caribbean! Tricia spent a lot of time researching the "perfect" itinerary, deciding on a great cruise line, etc. and ended up choosing Royal Caribbean's 7-day package. Many beautiful ports of call and a great ship – Tricia did very well, IMHO.

It was actually a slightly-belated celebration of our 2nd Anniversary (wow, has it been that long?), so that was on our mind. Well, the night before we left port, in our Ft. Lauderdale hotel, we met another couple – Jeff & Karen – who, it turns out, were on the same cruise, celebrating their Honeymoon. PLUS, they had met another couple (again, at the same hotel, and on our same cruise) – Donát & Trish – who were on their Honeymoon, as well. Small world, huh? ;-) We ended up hanging out with these folks (as well as Greg & Jacqui, who we met while on board) for much of the cruise, and really had a blast. Major thanks to the entire "Caribbean Crew" for making our trip so much fun!

We have a series of photo albums up with pictures. Just use that main page as an index into viewing each day's album. We also hope to get more pictures up, from the other couples, since there are quite a few shots we weren't able to take (can you say "Indian"? I knew you could... ;-). They'll be up on those pages as soon as we get them. Let us know what you think of the albums.


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