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New input/UI device: TactaPad

posted by Brian on 7/22/2005 10:29:00 AM  

The TactaPad is billed as "a tactile, immersive, two-handed input device". But that doesn't come close to indicating just how creative - and yet incredible obvious and logical – this thing is. It contains a camera for tracking the motion of both of your hands over essentially a force-feedback touchpad.

I can't really describe just how intriguing this approach is - you need to watch the movie for yourself.
Very cool. I've been referencing the user experience of Tom Cruise in 'Minority Report' as a wonderful concept and vision of what might lie ahead... and here's the start of it!
kinda phreaked me out, man. You could make a new musical instrument with that thing, it'd be great for modulation control at raves, like the iBeam on Roland MC series.

Send one to Moby.
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