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Well, we've done it now

posted by Brian on 6/6/2005 03:09:00 PM  

Yep, the rumors are true: Steve Jobs announced at today's WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC) keynote that Apple will be transitioning the entire family of Macintosh computers to the Intel platform within the next 2 years. See the press release: Apple to Use Intel Microprocessors Beginning in 2006.

I can't speak to any facet of this transition except that it certainly takes guts to announce it - and that it is certainly logical to do so at a Developer gathering. After all, it will be those Mac OS X developers who will either make or break this transition. Mac developers are the most creative, loyal, and demanding software engineers out there - and I hope that they see this move as one which will allow even more exposure to their products, and an even larger potential customer base.

We've known that Darwin has been running on the x86 platform all along - but although I "knew" some inside information, it was certainly surprising to see a full-fledged implementation of Mac OS X - including calculation-intensive programs, the full GUI, etc. - operating on a Pentium 4-based system. A nicely-done demo - and it was certainly a coup to get Intel's new CEO up on stage to discuss details, as well.

Note a reference from 3 years ago, which appears to be quite appropos, right about now: Apple Keeps x86 Torch Lit with 'Marklar'

Also: Note that Microsoft will be rolling out LongwaitLonghorn around the same time as these IntelliMacs begin to hit the scene. This could prove to be a great bit of serendipity - or a horrible roaring beast, which may drown out any other announcements or attention which Apple might be hoping for.

Mark my words: We've seen the start of a HUGE change in our beloved platform today. I'm hoping for the best, but preparing for some rocky roads ahead. Will users continue to buy Mac hardware (Apple's bread-and-butter, high-margin products) now, or hold off to see how the move plays out. We'll see...

(Aside: The worst part, as a ex-Apple,now-Intel friend just reminded me, we may have to hear that damn "Intel Inside" chime in Apple hardware ads soon. I hate that sound byte... )

UPDATE: I found at least one very optimistic take on the matter. Sounds good to me, if it comes to pass...
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