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Metaphilm -Star Wars

posted by Brian on 6/3/2005 10:59:00 AM  

OK, Star Wars: Episode III has been out for a while, so I don't think I'll be giving too much away to say that the movie sucked.

No - I'm not going to go into details; waste your own money and find out for yourself. I will mention a great little tongue-in-cheek article regarding continuity, though, which I thought was entertaining: Metaphilm -Star Wars

Alas, many of the concerns which the author had were not resolved - and those that were, were done so in such an amateurish way. I really think George Lucas has gone off the deep end - he had so many opportunities for doing something great with the prequels, and appears to have sold out any creative vision he had, merely to make a fast buck in "kid-friendly" (pronounced: "Dumbed down to the average comprehension level of a 5-year-old") storylines, as well as Attention-Deficit-Disorder-friendly visuals.

At least the "Star Wars" franchise is finally OVER (I hope, I hope, I hope...), and we should be able to get those overly-adamant Star Wars geeks (and Lucas apologists) to shut up, already.
I had been meaning to blog this article - you beat me to it. -Jess
Hey... on the topic of 'franchise'... what's more abhorant, bad film or not, than seeing a cardboard cutout of Darth Vadar pushing soft drinks, or Yoda hawking* M&Ms? WTF? Where's integrity and artistry gone? Where's Neil Young and the Bluenotes when you need 'em? Grrrrrrr.

*hawking, as in selling, not as in choking on and coughing up... but THAT would be worth sitting through.
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